OLTFF FireBox System

The FireBox Portable System

The FireBox consists of an Apple iPod® loaded with liturgical music and a battery-powered Bose® SoundDock® with remote control in a military grade field case. This powerful compact system, takes only a minute to set up and produces exceptionally high quality sound support for up to 100 people.

Holy Week was great. Worshipping our Lord on top of the world! ... The Let The Fire Fall equipment and music has added so much to our weekly Liturgy of the Word.

Installation Chaplain
Thule Air Base, Greenland

Downloadable Tracks and Song Sheets

OLTFF-with LaptopThe musical tracks are produced especially for Catholic liturgical use. They come in an easy to follow format in a comfortable, low vocal range that encourages participation and prayerful singing.

The hymns, songs, and acclamations may be easily downloaded from our website, worldwide, 24/7, and transferred to the iPod. Suggested Playlists as well as song sheets with lyrics are also available.

Lay Service in the Absence of a Priest

OLTFF, in cooperation with the AMS, has created a Catholic Prayer Service for use by the military in the absence of a priest and is available in booklet form for printing from the OLTFF website.

We have been missing a wonderful opportunity to reach out to those who are more vulnerable and open to an expression of their faith...having good and appropriate music is a first step in helping them with a deepening of their faith. This is not the answer to all of our problems, but it addresses one we have faced for years.

Msgr. James R. Dixon
Vicar General, (RET)
Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA

Variety of Applications

Enhance masses, communion and prayer services, reconciliation services and holy hours. Podcasts, teachings and seminars may also be downloaded, stored, and used for various ministry purposes. Inspirational messages from the Archbishop of the Military or his appointee could also be made available.

Pastoral Considerations

The great shortage of priests serving our Catholic military means that many rarely go to confession or Mass. OLTFF offers a regular opportunity to participate in Catholic prayer and fellowship in anticipation of celebrating the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist. OLTFF also enriches the liturgies they are able to celebrate.

I'm happy to hear that the momentum on OLTFF has not slowed. The military installations to receive the next units will be very blessed. God bless all of you for your work.

Gerald D. McManus, Ch, Lt Col, USAF
Staff Chaplain, Plans and Programs Division
Office of the Chief of Chaplains

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