Updating OLTFF iTunes with a Back-Up CD

With a computer with Apple's iTunes software and an iTunes Back-Up CD from OLTFF, you can update your iTunes instance and then sync the OLTFF iPod to update the all the songs and Playlists at one time.

Watch the following tutorial (requires Quicktime plugin) for more detail...

Download, Burn, and Update

This method will require you to 'burn' a CD from the ISO image you can download in order to update iTunes.

  1. Download the ISO image of the itunes Back-Up CD from 2009-05-09**
    • PLEASE NOTE: This ISO disc image is 70 MB
  2. Make a CD-R disc from the ISO image
  3. Insert the CD-R into your computer and launch iTunes.

If any of the above terminology sounds too unfamiliar to make sense, perhaps requesting a CD to be mailed to you would be more what you had in mind. Contact us.


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