Packing Up the System

Packing up the System is straight forward.

SHUTDOWN: It is very important to make sure that the iPod and the Dock are turned off before storing. Press the off button on remote once to turn the iPod off and once again to turn off the Dock. If the Dock is not used for ten days it will go into “preservation” mode. The only way to reactivate it is to plug it into an AC outlet using the battery charger. This will reactivate the unit.

  1. The Dock Remote goes into one the narrow slots in the back left side of the case.
  2. Undock the iPod by lifting it off of the Dock frame. It goes into the other slot on the left of the case.
  3. Close the front Dock frame by turning it from left to right until it latches.
  4. Lay the SoundDock in the bottom of the case.
  5. Printed materials can lay on top of the SoundDock or can be stored under the foam of the top cover.
  6. Close and latch the case.

Here's George demonstrating the packup procedure: OLTFF-Packup


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